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Land Owners FAQs

Golden Rules for Timber Owners

Never sell standing timber. 90% of hardwood timber is bought from the landowner standing or on the stump.

Look at the prices paid by timber buyers and the department of natural resources website will give you the average number. What we do is put your timber on the ground which eliminates all of the unanswered questions of how good or not good your trees are and present it to the best buyers in the country – WE DO THIS WHILE YOU STILL OWN IT! This translates to making our clients a minimum of 100% than the listed prices by doing it this way. The better your trees are, the better the percentages will go. 200%-400% is the most common.

Written legal contracts that cover all aspects of harvest whoever you are dealing with must be licensed and bonded. (ILLINOIS, IOWA)

No logs leave your property before payment is received.

Harvest only in the fall and winter unless it cannot be helped.

Ability to see who the final buyer is and what was paid and how much footage was sold.

Never enter into an agreement that does not specify which trees are to be cut.

If any of rules 1-7 are not met (Run For the Hills!!!)

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Land Owners

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