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Why Choose Kelly & Son Forestry & Logging LLC?

.....because you will be working with the best.

Kelly & Son Forestry and Logging LLC is a consulting and service company offering timber management, select harvesting, clear cutting and tree top removal. We are licensed and bonded company operating throughout Illinois and surrounding states. Kelly & Son has over 25 years experience in the forestry and logging industry. We strive to form relationships with clients and professionals who share our values. Our goal as a company is to provide land owners and companies with inovative forestry expertise so they can maximize their value, while minimizing the impact on the land being harvested.

We realize that land owners can use their land for a variety of activities including outdoor recreation and camping, wildlife management and hunting, as well as batch or selective timber harvesting. We work with you to help ensure your future plans for your property are attainable and realized.

Our highly specialized and environmentally responsible timber harvesting equipment is quick and efficient with minimal negative land impact or disruption of top-soil. Our professional logging crews are insured and highly trained in sustainable forestry and woodland conservation practices to custom fit the needs of the land and the land owner.

Thanks for your interest in our services. Please contact Kelly & Son Forestry and Logging LLC at (815) 275-6877 for more information or a free timber evaluation.


With over 25 years experience, learn more about out why Kelly & Son are the best in the business.

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Learn more about our services. See a detailed list of services offered by Kelly & Son Forestry and Logging LLC.

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Land Owners

Before you move forward with another company or sell your timber make sure you read this!.

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